Akram Alomainy

It was an amazing experience ... very thought provoking and also exciting ... Great to meet all the students and answer their questions .... and of course the amazing scientists I got to meet :) Well done Jack for making it to the top of the zone!

Favourite Thing: I am a lecturer and researcher in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science who loves playing with radio signals and see how I can make them go for further distances by using energy from sources around us. Also I love to see how the human body reacts to these radio signals and the ideas we have through outreach talks and activities.



Outside the UK :) Finished my basic education in 1998!


Queen Mary, University of London, MEng Communication Engineering (1999-2003), Queen Mary, University of London, PhD Electrical and Electronic Studies (2003-2007)

Work History:

Queen Mary, University of London since 2003


Queen Mary, University of London

Current Job:

Lecturer/Senior Tutor

Me and my work

Prove, test and apply all research I do and the same goes for my life :)

I am a Lecturer who is passionate about teaching and learning and also researching the latest techniques to make our wireless life a better experience. Finding the best way for signals to get from one point to another, how they behave around humans and how to make them use less power for a greener future are few of my daily work activities. I enjoy communicating the latest research in science and engineering to young people and also the general public and I am an active communicator who goes around schools and events to promote science and engineering (geek squad on the road ;). myimage1myimage5

My Typical Day

Addicted to emails so check emails first, check the latest news generally and specific to my field and then prove, test and apply!

I love answering emails and questions promptly because there is nothing better than an approachable and always available lecturer and educator (that’s what we are here for). I would then read general news and more specific ones about science and engineering. Usually I prepare lectures and notes for students and also workshops to enhance interactive communications skills. I am always enhancing my demos and props I use to demonstrate the main research we are doing on green and cooperative radios. Of course I am not going to forget the must have lunch breaks and COFFEE ones (although fresh juice is better for you :p)!! A couple of days a week I will go down to the big antennas lab we have and test or observe some of the experiments taking place. Then at the end check some more emails and go home sweet home and start googling on more news, science and engineering stuff and watch my favourite type of TV programmes which are documentaries. myimage2myimage4

What I'd do with the money

Create a demonstration that I can take around with me to show people how we can apply maths to make energy efficient wireless devices.

I would spend the money on development kits that will allow me to create wireless sensors we can wear while walking or running and make sure that people can re-programme these sensors to see how simple instructions can save us huge amount of energy that is constantly wasted due to to inefficient use of general engineering and science knowledge. This kit will travel with mo to schools and public event and ensure that people see how we can create green radios interactively. myimage3

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Enthuisiastic, smiley and approachable!

Who is your favourite singer or band?

No particular one but I generally listen to international music

What is the most fun thing you've done?

Swimming with Dolphines and Mountain biking in Africa

If you had 3 wishes for yourself what would they be? - be honest!

Big lab full of my favourite gadgets, travel the world and world peace (not really but more like fast cars and big house!)

What did you want to be after you left school?

Seriously and this is an honest answer … Communication Engineer!

Were you ever in trouble in at school?

Not much really

What's the best thing you've done as a scientist?

Understand how we can manipulate the way radio signals and light travel so we can create novel and wacky techniqes for better communication.

Tell us a joke.

Sorry in advance if it is not really funny ;) but seriously I am really funny!! … Two snowmen are standing next to one another. One asks the other, “Hey, is it just me, or do you smell carrots, too?”