• Question: do you beleieve in climate chamge if do why?:)

    Asked by summer5678 to Akram, David, Gill, Jack, laurenceharwood on 14 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Akram Alomainy

      Akram Alomainy answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      Yes I do and the proof is in all unpredictable changes due to the melting of icebergs in the north pole and changes of temperature in parts of the world that never experienced such changes such as extreme heats and cold freezing weathers.

      Surely, the English weather has to do with climate change 😀

    • Photo: Gill Menzies

      Gill Menzies answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      Yes I do – there is definately something happening to our climate (measure of long term changes to our daily weather). More extreme weather events are taking place every year and we have had 10 of the hottest years on record in the last 15 years.

      There are two opinions about why this is happening. The first is that the world experiences natural warming cycles that we have no control over. The second is that we are causing it through excessive burning of fossil fuels. Overwhelming evidence now exists to show it is the second reason and not the first.

    • Photo: Jack Snape

      Jack Snape answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      Yes, I think there is strong evidence that the planet is warming up and it seems to link closely to the amount of carbon dioxide we put into the air.

      It all started in Britain in the 1800s when we started using steam engines as part of the industrial revolution. We started pumping out carbon dioxide and then everyone else around the world followed us. There’s a bit of history in with your science! 🙂

    • Photo: Laurence Harwood

      Laurence Harwood answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      Oh very much so. Anyone who does not is in denial. The problem is that, as things go on, the rate of change will get faster and faster. A lot of the Sun’s heat is reflected by the polar ice caps – the technical term is the “albedo”. As the ice caps melt, they reflect less and less so the Earth absorbs more of the Sun’s heat and we warm up faster and the ice caps melt faster ………. Do you get the message? We must act before it is too late. I am an optimist and believe that mankind will do this in time – just.