• Question: How does string theory explain black hole evaporation and exclude the idea of information loss?

    Asked by ronald01 to Jack, Akram, David, Gill, laurenceharwood on 9 Mar 2012. This question was also asked by amthystxgen4.
    • Photo: Jack Snape

      Jack Snape answered on 9 Mar 2012:

      Haha… I’m afraid I have barely any idea about string theory. You don’t really learn about it unless you specialise in it after university. I’d probably have to read a whole book before I could answer that question. Sorry I can’t be more help! 🙂

    • Photo: Gill Menzies

      Gill Menzies answered on 20 Mar 2012:

      I’m with Jack on this one – you win!! Don’t know either, sorry!! 😀

    • Photo: Laurence Harwood

      Laurence Harwood answered on 21 Mar 2012:

      Sorry – I missed this one so this is a late answer. I had hoped that Jack would make a stab and therefore found this link to “string theory for dummies”

      I have to admit, I have listened to it and I am still none the wiser. I clearly don’t even qualify as a “dummy” in this case!!!! 🙂