• Question: How would youensure that we could get signal almost anywhere?

    Asked by proccy to Akram on 20 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Akram Alomainy

      Akram Alomainy answered on 20 Mar 2012:

      Thanks for the question Proccy and certainly is an interesting question …

      Naturally waves specifically radio ones due to their short wavelength travel and scatter in all directions! Theoretically with no blocks or building we should all receive the best signal but distance is limited since these waves lose their energy the further they travel .. Similar to humans who lose energy and power to run for longer distances… Once there are buildings, trees and blockage, these add loss to the distance one and instead of travelling to 2 meter for example with good power it will be limited to only 1 meter!!

      Now, if there are wireless and radio devices scattered around the city, building or your house then they can help each other in getting for example from your room to the kitchen by transferring signals to the master bedroom (not saying that the master bedroom is not yours ;)!!) and then ultimately to the kitchen so in this case it avoids the blockage by cooperating with each other …

      I hope this answers your question and does not make it any more confusing 🙂