• Question: If you had to have the job of one of the other scientists which would you chose and why?

    Asked by clairebear to Akram, David, Gill, Jack, laurenceharwood on 14 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Akram Alomainy

      Akram Alomainy answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      If you mean the scientists in this zone … I would guess any of them since each has his/her unique science and approach and they all sound extremely exciting and interesting 🙂

    • Photo: Gill Menzies

      Gill Menzies answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      Hmmmm – Jack’s research sounds exciting, but I wouldn’t want to go back and do another PhD. Laurence’s job also sounds great with his research in organic chemistry …… I was never brilliant at electronics so not sure I’d cope with Akram’s job.

    • Photo: Laurence Harwood

      Laurence Harwood answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      I thin I’d be Jack because his area of study is fascinating and fundamental to our understanding of some of the most basic questions mankins can ask – and also it would mean I could be a PhD student again!!!

    • Photo: Jack Snape

      Jack Snape answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      Everybody’s research sounds really exciting and useful.. so it’s really tough to say! I always fancy doing something more ‘hands-on’ so for that reason I think i’d say Akram’s work 🙂